I had a dream. In the dream a delegation of leaders were visiting two very prominent men who contend mightily for revival and are household names in the Christian community.

The delegation of leaders was asking for these two men to endorse their work and release revival in the earth. The two men refused very strongly. The debate became very heated; it was a violent tussle spiritually. I had a very clear impression in the dream that the delegation was in the right and the two men were wrong to not support them. Somehow the delegation overcame the two men but they still had not given their endorsement and release to the work, despite being implored to do so.

In my dream, this all took place in the bedroom I slept in as a teenager, where I used to see powerful visions of the endtime revival.

The two men had the authority to release revival beginning in California that was to spread east across the United States. They refused. By the end of the dream, one lay as dead on the floor.

My own interpretation of the dream is that many who are “contending for revival” and have reputations for doing so, are actually standing in its way. Maybe the reason for this is that they want revival on their terms or under their ministry banner. Some who are commissioned with authority to bring and release revival are actually exercising this authority wrongly and are using it to try and control any revival.

I won’t name the men I saw in the dream as their involvement may be entirely symbolic, not literal.

I see more to the dream in line with my interpretation. Some leaders of great renown who are praying and contending for revival are a Moses generation of leaders. They cannot enter the Promised Land; it has to be a Joshua generation that actually cross over into revival. This will actually be quite shocking to some in the Body of Christ and will seem unfair in a sense. After all, these Moses leaders dedicated their lives to bringing revival.

The nation of Israel could not enter the Promised Land as long as Moses was their leader. He was the man whose message WAS the Promised Land but it had to happen with Joshua as the leader.

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