Something many miss in the story of Joseph is that he functioned as a father to both Egypt and Israel. In fact, Joseph was a father on so many levels and as such this further amplifies his being a powerful type of the Lord Jesus.

So now it was not you that sent me hither, but God: and he hath made me a father to Pharaoh, and Lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt. GENESIS 45:8 KJV

Joseph and Daniel are two biblical examples of God’s people who functioned as very high-ranking governmental officials in regimes we would call superpowers of their day.

Joseph is saying here to his brothers that not only is he the right hand man of mighty Egypt’s Pharaoh and thus the highest authority in the land under him, he functions as a father to Pharaoh.

Real power is not held by those who have titles and offices but by those who YHWH appoints to father them.

And it must be stressed that this power of fathers in a nation can never be manipulative in any way.

Nations need fathers and national leaders most certainly do.

A major function of fathers over nations is to be counsellors and advisers to kings and government officials. I teach a lot about this in my teaching on Emrys ministry.

The nations are in tumult because their leaders have foolishly abandoned YHWH and His Son (see Psalm 2). What is needed is for governments to turn back to YHWH. We need to see nations break away from the antichrist globalist club and be set-apart sheep nations for YHWH in the earth.

We need Josephs, Daniels and Eliakims to rise up into positions of fathering influence in nations and their halls of power.

Again, it must be emphasised that we are talking here about fathers to the nation. We are not necessarily talking about apostolic fathers or fathers in some church structures. Neither are we talking about being a father because you are a certain age or because you are a father figure.

Fathers to the nation are matured sons who function in the Melchizedek Order and have a calling and heart for their nation. Now, this is open to anyone. It’s not elitist nor is it an attempt to fashion a new clergy class. Every believer is called to this but few will position themselves to be chosen.

You’ll know if you are being led into this. The clue is you will not be satisfied with church or ministry stuff, not even what others consider radical. You know there’s something more. That more is functioning as a king-priest of the Order of Melchizedek. That more is fathering your nation.

Intrinsic to this is fathering kings and rulers.

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