The problem with the nations is that their leaders want to be RULERS of nations and not FATHERS over them, says the Lord of heaven’s armies.

In My Word, when I appointed Eliakim in place of Shebna, I replaced a man who had a self-seeking heart with one who had a fathering heart over people and nation.

This present business you have, this tumult among the nations, is because this leader of the land you call Russia has not been a father to his people. Yes, he has sought to protect them but in choosing fear over faith in ME, he has sought the way of the sword over the sickle.

It is I who will settle disputes over nations and it is I who this man Putin should have sought. Indeed, I PUT him IN for this very purpose.

I have a contention with your rulers because they set themselves against Me. Leaders of men are not yet ready to seek My ways upon the Mountain of MY House, says the Lord. The people of the earth have blind guides and seek to grasp vanities.

I will raise up fathers and mothers to the nations, who will not seek empty baubles but will seek My face and weep before Me for their wounded lands. I will install in the offices of power those who will betroth unto me the nations and territories I put them over.

There is in the earth a Remnant who know by revelation that they are called to make a footstool of the nations and that the nations are My inheritance. My Remnant saints will teach My ways to nations and their rulers. Weapons will be reconfigured to harvesting tools and men shall no longer learn the ways of war. I will rule in peace and great multitudes will come into My Kingdom. I will swiftly remove the sorcerers who poison the people with their lies and deceit and raise up those who love justice and equity in their stead.

For those leaders who bow to My sceptre, I will bring My peace upon their nation, says the Lord.

Seek My face, learn My ways and I will bless your land. This is My message to nations and those who lead them. Eschew wickedness and turn from unrighteousness. Cease from conspiring against My Kingdom and I will rain down goodness and prosperity upon you, says the Lord of heaven’s armies.

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