I have been having prophetic visions of the times we now live in since I was a child.

Eleven years ago I had a prophetic dream that shook me for months about the Covid situation followed by a nuclear conflagration that followed it. Whilst I saw the nuclear part very clearly, it has only recently been revealed to me that the first part of my vision pertained to Covid.

Some visions are given to be revealed at a certain time.

I have had recurring visions and premonitions of nuclear war. I believe it to be a very real prospect. This perception has intensified in recent times.

The question I am asked is: Can it be averted? The answer is not so simple. I believe that yes, we can pray and decree to avoid nuclear conflict. But will people see the necessity of doing so?

Therein lies the perennial conundrum for prophetic messengers. Prophets are charged with delivering warnings yet the fact they need to underscores the problem – declension has taken place.

In short, if people were hearing from God and responding to what they hear, the need to be warned by a prophet wouldn’t exist.

That said, I will be brief and concise in what I have to say.

There is a very real threat that governmental leaders in the earth at the moment may plunge us into nuclear war, using the present Ukraine crisis as a trigger. There is an argument that THIS IS THEIR INTENTION.

God’s people must petition, pray and decree like never before to thwart the schemes of wicked principalities and unjust rulers to kill millions.

Depopulation is their agenda. Decree against this. URGENTLY.

N.B. Please note that some aspects of the prophetic dream/vision I had are sensitive in relation to certain media outlets.
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