I had a prophetic dream during the night.

A handful of us i.e. the Remnant were in a narrow corridor and an enemy band were trying to intimidate us, spoiling for a fight. They had a notorious leader and he stepped forth. I grabbed his right hand, bit off his thumb and threw it at him. The enemy was utterly shocked that I would be so brutal.

Here’s the interpretation:

God’s Remnant do NOT back down. We are fierce warriors. Anyone who has ever been involved in serious spiritual warfare knows that you can sometimes go – by the Spirit – into “berserker” mode. You cannot manufacture this in the flesh.

The significance of biting off the thumb is this: The thumb represents control, authority, dominance. The right hand represents power, governmental authority and strength.

The dream is prophetic in that it symbolises the dominion of the enemy will be destroyed! That is our role as Remnant people.

When I awoke the Lord spoke to me and reminded me of a powerful truth – that the last days Remnant Army is a right hand company. We are the people of the right hand. Some years back I wrote a book on Britain’s prophetic destiny which was all about the right hand of God. One of the chapters in that book was about the Benjamin Company – the people of God’s right hand. It is one of the deepest revelations I have ever received.

Anyway, the Lord reminded me that Benjamin is associated with the wolf.

We all like our lion memes and symbols but the endtime Remnant are also symbolised by the wolf.

“Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; In the morning he shall devour the prey, And at night he shall divide the spoil.” Genesis 49:27 NKJV

This speaks of two things: The Remnant are ferocious and because of this, we plunder the enemy. This speaks of wealth transfer from the Babylonian system into God’s endtime economy! It means we provide for the poor and disadvantaged.

Some scholars believe that all the apostles of the Lamb except Judas were Benjaminites. Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin. Benjamin – which means “son of my right hand” – was the small tribe that submerged his identity into the tribe of Judah, just as the Remnant Benjamin Company find our identity in our Lord Jesus.

I shared this about Benjamin in Bible College and one of my students named his newborn son Benjamin – the son of my right hand.

The right hand of God is the place of authority, dominion and power. It is the rightful place of God’s Remnant people.

We are the Benjamin Company – the sons and daughters of God, ruling and reigning on earth from our seated position in the heavenlies in Christ.

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