There is a lesson to be learned from The Matrix films that will serve us well as we transition to the Kingdom Age.

In the early days of the Matrix story, Neo learns who he is. He is “The One” – a prophesied saviour who will lead the awakened in the human race to victory over the dark powers that enslave them. The few who have been freed from the Matrix are, of course, the Remnant and they live in a place called Zion.

The initial trilogy saw the Remnant eventually triumph over their oppressors and set up a new world order – clearly a metaphor for the Kingdom Age after Babylon (the Matrix) falls.

Neo is the Remnant saint who discovers his real identity and his destiny as a man of superpowers.

What is interesting about Neo – and it is demonstrated in the latest Matrix film Resurrections – is that he has vast powers and is called to function in Kingdom authority but here is the problem: He keeps getting drawn into personal fights in the Matrix against Smith and other agents. These are clearly a metaphor for demons.

The lesson is very simple: To build the true new world order from Zion in the earth, we must not be distracted by skirmishes with low-level enemies. We must move from sword to sceptre and STAY IN THE THRONE ROOM!!

We are not called to fight the Babylonian order but to decree its fall.

We are not called to fight the old order but to be co-labourers in building the new.

We are not called to fight the darkness but to be the light that dispels it.

We must move from a spiritual warfare mindset to a Kingdom authority mindset.

We must move from sword to sceptre in this new wineskin.

Fighting in the Matrix is the distraction our enemy would use to keep us from the one place we can do him devastating damage – the heavenly Throne Room where we are seated in and with Christ (Ephesians 2:6).

Being an effective part of the Remnant Army is not about our ability to fight the devil but about taking our rightful place of authority as a king-priest in the Order of Melchizedek.

Let’s not be stuck in the Babylonian Matrix but let us be firmly seated on the heavenly Mount Zion where we rule and reign in Christ!

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