As a leader, it’s not your job to control everything and everyone. There is always the temptation to try and exercise control, especially when something needs rectified.

Leaders must learn the difference between dominion and domination. Dominion is functioning from God-ordained authority; domination is imposing your own self-will on a situation.

When you feel the pressure to dominate events or people, that’s when you must take dominion over yourself. Governance through control and imposition of the will is a ministry of death because it is no longer serving God or people.

Governments and institutions become tyrannical because they go the path of control and not that of consent. True Kingdom authority comes when we surrender our will and seek God’s will. We “give consent” to a greater purpose.

You cannot govern and lead people by brute force and by control. This control includes deception and manipulation.

Your job as a leader is not to make people do what you want them to do. Your job is to walk in Kingdom authority and understand that those who are called to follow you will recognise your leadership.

Your tribe will follow you. Those that don’t follow you are not your tribe.

People must follow voluntarily. You are not leading when you make people follow you by coercion or manipulation; you are dictating when you resort to these things. Dictation is to leadership what disease is to the body.

Leaders must win the hearts and minds of those they lead. A leader’s job is not to make automatons but to produce followers who follow of their own accord and do so happily!

When we look around at present we see massive overreach of governmental powers. This has been going on for a long time and each crisis only prompts further draconian responses from our governments. Truth be told, these responses are often pre-planned measures to exert further control.

Leading the nations through Kingdom authority requires a commitment to shun coercive practices and mindsets. Kingdom leaders will walk in dominion, not domination.

Authentic governance begins with a realisation that the only human being you should be a dictator over is yourself.

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