Whatever the problem, leadership is always the answer. Psalm 2 makes it abundantly clear that the world is in a mess because national leaders have made the foolish choice to reject God and His Son.

Incompetent and wicked leaders drag those that they lead into darkness and depravity. This actually causes creation itself to groan for leaders to appear – the manifested sons of God (see Romans chapter 8).

Your role as a Christian is to lead in your own sphere of authority. For some that may be a church role, for others it may be in business or in another one of the 7 Mountains. Very often we function in different areas at varying levels.

The point is, the world is crying out for authentic leadership. Be such a leader. Lead the nations.

You are seated in heavenly places with Christ as a king-priest in the Order of Melchizedek for this purpose. Yours could never be a low calling. Press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Be the Moses that leads the people out of the wilderness. Be the Joshua that leads the tribes into the Promised Land. Be the David that gathers discontented, distressed people and fashions them into a mighty army. Be the Solomon that reigns over a glorious nation, radiating peace and plenty from his throne.

It’s all in you. Let it out!!

Be the leader your generation calls for.

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